Underperforming international links or cellular services don’t allow applications to fully utilise available bandwidth, slowing down operations and business.

WAN Optimisation addresses this issue by decoupling applications from physical network limitations that cause inferior performance.

Accelerating business applications, next-generation WAN Optimisation from Wavenet is delivered from private cloud infrastructures, helping businesses deliver high-quality digital experiences with optimised speeds.

We offer a range of alternative transport methods, like broadband or 4G LTE, selecting the most cost-efficient path for applications and data. Enabling your business to speed things up without breaking the bank.

Built to match your business requirements, WAN Optimisation can help make your business brilliant.

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WAN Optimisation at a glance:


Optimise bandwidth.

Reduce bandwidth consumption with intelligent caching, compression, and application optimisation to increase performance.


Future-proof your business.

With technology and innovation evolving constantly, our solutions put your business ahead of the competition. 


Save money.

Use alternative transport like broadband or 4G LTE to augment traditional MPLS, selecting the most cost-efficient path for applications and data.


Increase user productivity.

Next-generation WAN Optimisation accelerates business, SaaS, and IaaS applications delivered from private and virtual private cloud infrastructures.


Round-the-clock support.

We’ll work with you to ensure you receive the best tariff, technology and support, whenever needed.


Make your business brilliant.

We’ll bring the newest and most exciting technological innovations to your business, enabling you to be exceptional at what you do.

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