Cybercrime is evolving and threatens businesses of all sizes.

Preventing unapproved access to your networks and data, blocking inappropriate websites and stopping downloads of infected files or applications is critical.

Wavenet’s Hosted Firewall enables the control of your security, leaving the management, maintenance and firmware updates to us.

It can help you meet all the requirements needed to protect your business from internet-based threats, while achieving lower cost of ownership and greater protection.

In addition, it can be integrated with all our connectivity options – from a single connection to a full MPLS network – and deployed across multiple business locations for complete peace of mind.

Our Hosted Firewall solution protects from online attacks and unwanted intrusion, so you can get on with being brilliant and confident we’ve got your cyber security covered.

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Hosted Firewall at a glance:


Complete peace of mind.

We’ll look after your asset management, maintenance and firmware updates to keep your networks and data secure, always.


Future-proof your business.

Cyber threats are constantly evolving; our Hosted Firewall solution ensures your business is always protected.


Best-in-class technology.

Our Hosted Firewall is based on Cisco ASA software, which protects business networks and data worldwide.


Round-the-clock protection.

Our Hosted Firewall is managed 24/7, 365 days a year, to ensure your business is always protected.


Your technology partner.

We’ll work with you to ensure your security solutions meet your business needs, both now and in the future.


Easy to scale.

With no on-site firewall to maintain or manage, our solution can be deployed and scaled-up easily and cost effectively.

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