With Distributed Denial of Service (DDos) attacks becoming more frequent and easier to purchase, online security is facing more risk than ever.

Attempting to overwhelm businesses’ online services, DDos Attacks take them completely offline. Meaning no emails, no website, no phones, no contact.

Wavenet protect businesses from these crippling effects. Supplying a bespoke package that defends 24/7 with the world’s largest ingestion capacity.

This ‘buy and forget’ solution is suitable for businesses of every scale, and with no on-site equipment to maintain, you can remain protected without worrying about updates and upkeep. Making your business both brilliant and resilient.

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DDos Attack Protection at a glance:


Stay protected.

Every year, 43% of businesses identify a breach or attack. Why subject your business to the same?


Stay safe, stay connected.

A cyber-attack can leave you disconnected for days at a time. DDos Attack Protection prevents this.


A better experience.

Wavenet’s continuous and reliable service provides bespoke solutions to suit your exact requirements.


Protect and save.

DDos Attack Protection has no up-front or maintenance costs. Save money and stay secure.


Easily maintained.

Protection that’s always kept updated without lifting a finger.


Be supported.

24/7 support from Wavenet’s UK-based team, unbeatable SLAs and fast response times set us apart from the rest.

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