When you connect systems to the internet, security is essential. Cloud Firewalls block inappropriate content, preventing unapproved access to business networks.

Internet security must be robust and reliable. Wavenet’s Cloud Firewall is built to be integrated with Wavenet connectivity, meeting all the requirements needed to protect businesses from internet-based threats whilst achieving a lower cost of ownership and greater security.

Asset management, maintenance and firmware updates are taken care of by Wavenet, making connectivity secure and hassle-free.

Whether you have a MPLS network, or just a single connection, our Cloud Firewall clusters can be used on a context basis, no matter the internet connection you currently have.

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Cloud Firewall at a glance:


Migration security.

A Cloud Firewall can guarantee the security of connections made between physical data centres and the cloud.


Future-proof your business.

With technology and innovation evolving constantly, our solutions put your business ahead of the competition.


A better experience.

Wavenet’s continuous and reliable service provides bespoke solutions to suit your exact business requirements.


Fully scalable.

Because deployment is simple, adjust the size of your security solution without on-site installation or maintenance.


Identity protection.

Cloud Firewalls can integrate with access control providers and give users granular control over filtering tools.


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