Digital business is more mobile and connected than ever before, offering great opportunities but also bringing real risks.

Unfiltered email and web content can wreak havoc for businesses and their staff. Cloud Content Filtering safeguards organisations through management and control of the most persistent vectors of attack.

Cloud-based and simple to deploy, with no hardware, no hidden costs and lots of flexibility, including the ability to scale with no impact on performance, Cloud Content Filters offer the highest level of security, with the lowest amount of maintenance and cost.

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Cloud Content Filter at a glance:


Highest level security.

Using a multi-layered approach that starts with URL filtering and anti-virus, it moves to sophisticated analysis of web sites.


Futureproof your business.

We know where technology is heading and have the awareness to judge tools that will make a difference to businesses.


Lower costs, fewer threats.

Reduce costs related to bandwidth and storage taken up by spam and protect your business from threats carried in spam.


Fully protected.

A comprehensive, unified security service enabling all users to be protected.


Control content.

Cloud Content Filters allow you to enforce acceptable use policies, providing a safe and productive workplace.


Make your business brilliant.

The newest technological innovations for your business, enabling you to be exceptional at what you do.

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