Traditional technology has moved on in the past five years. Systems are now more flexible, replicating many of the benefits that a Cloud-based platform can bring.

The Cloud has opened a world of opportunity, helping organisations stay connected to staff and customers from anywhere in the world.  The agility it can bring makes Cloud-based telephony the first choice.

However, traditional phone systems still have their place, particularly for businesses that don’t have access to the high-quality connectivity that Cloud-based VoIP requires.

Wavenet works with a range of market-leading suppliers, from BroadSoft and BT, Mitel and Avaya to IPCortex and NEC. We provide a wide choice of low cap-ex, easy to deploy, fully-featured business telephone solutions, from standard systems to specific solutions tailored to your sector.

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Traditional Phone Systems at a glance:


Protect your investment.

Wavenet can help your business get the most from functioning legacy hardware, to maximise your investment.


Future-proof your business.

Technology is constantly evolving; our solutions always keep your business ahead of the competition.


A better experience.

Wavenet’s continuous and reliable service provides bespoke solutions to suit your exact requirements.


Scale-up your system.

A consultative service that enables you to change your approach as your business, customers and the market continues to evolve.


Your technology partner.

We’ll work with you to ensure your telephony solution meets your business needs, both now and in the future.


A seamless transition.

With the ISDN/PSTN network due to be shut down in 2024, we can ensure a smooth transition to SIP Trunking or other technologies.

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