The pace of technological change is constant, but making and receiving calls to connect with colleagues, partners and customers remains as important as ever.

While hosted and cloud phone systems are transforming business telephony, ISDN and analogue telephone lines continue to represent a suitable solution for many.

Perfect for those with limited internet connectivity, Wavenet can equip your office with a reliable and cost-effective phone service, with a range of line types, back-up options and excellent value call charges.

And thanks to excellent relationships with a range of market-leading suppliers, including Openreach, we can manage your line installations with minimum disruption.

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Lines and Calls at a glance:


Save money.

Make sure you have the right number of lines and that they are being used effectively to get the best return.


Solutions to suit.

Choose solutions that suit your business. We’ll never give you an option that’s not fit for purpose or future-proofed for tomorrow.


A better experience.

Wavenet’s continuous and reliable service provides dependable solutions to suit your exact requirements and support when you need it.


Simplify your supply chain.

A single supplier for greater transparency, lower costs and shorter fault resolution times.


Your technology partner.

Working with you to ensure your telephony solution meets your business needs, both now and in the future.


Be supported.

24/7 support from Wavenet’s UK-based team, unbeatable SLAs and fast response times set us apart from the rest.

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