Hosted telephony enables workforces to be more mobile, adaptable and competitive.

This solution has no expensive equipment and no lengthy on-site installation, just a unified way of working and futureproofed technology.

Tech expectations and variable ways of working increase the need for improved flexibility and scalability. Which is where Wavenet comes in.

We deliver innovation that works for businesses. Enabling you to become exceptional is the reason we exist. Make your business brilliant.

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Hosted Phones at a glance:


Be more productive.

Since 45% of smartphone users are using their handsets for work related activities hosted phones can help unlock their potential.


Be prepared for technical glitches.

Hosted phones are protected from disaster. If a site is down, life carries on as normal for staff and customers alike.


Be in control.

Never miss a call, never miss a lead, never miss an opportunity. Hosted phones allow for a variety of set up solutions.


Be advanced.

We know where technology is heading and the awareness to judge the tools that will make a difference to businesses.


Be flexible.

Whether in the office, at home, or half way across the world, adapt to business scenarios with ease.


Be ready to grow.

Changing needs can always be catered to. Whether scaling up or scaling down, hosted phones help businesses get there.

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