When it comes to business mobiles, reliability is essential. Good access to a reliable data connection can unlock flexibility, efficiency, productivity and collaboration, having a direct impact on reputation and your bottom line.

The business mobile market moves fast. New tariffs, solutions and technologies are emerging all the time. It takes a determined and curious mentality to identify what’s coming next and understand how it will make a meaningful difference to the way you work.

That’s where Wavenet can help. By looking at developing tech, we can futureproof your mobile communications, helping you to achieve more with innovative technology.

Make your business mobiles, Business Brilliant.

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Business Mobile at a glance:


5G Mobile Connectivity.

Supercharge your business mobiles with new 5G tariffs and handsets bringing near-instant downloads and lower latency to your users.


Network Agnostic Options.

With multi-network SIMs and in-life carrier changes, keep all your mobile users connected regardless of their location across the UK.


Remove Mobile Bill-Shock.

Cap your monthly spend on a per SIM basis and benefit from true bill-shock control for complete peace of mind every month.


Dedicated Mobile Support.

We understand the importance of speaking to someone that knows mobiles and your tariff, so we have a dedicated mobiles support team.


One Bill. One Point of Contact.

Select from a mix of all 3 major carriers in the UK as needed with all reported on one easy to understand bill and just one point of contact.


Shared Data Bundles.

Looking for an easier way to manage your business mobile data? Pool your data between all users to reduce the risk of overspend on contracts.

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