Keep business data safe and secure off-site with class-leading Data Centre Hosting solutions.

Whether it’s a simple, secure data host, or a complex big data requirement, Wavenet offer a range of hosting solutions that meet every business need.

Dedicated servers are hosted in highly secure Tier 1 data centres, offering access to virtual server solutions and cloud storage platforms like Microsoft Azure.

We fulfil the computing demands and trends, including distributed storage and multi-site disaster recovery options. Enabling your business to be brilliant.

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Data Centre Hosting at a glance:


Highest level security.

The necessary resources needed to maintain high security by continuously updating facilities.


Future-proof your business.

We know where technology is heading, with the knowledge to judge what will make a difference to businesses.


Reduce costs, improve infrastructure.

Realise potential with cost savings and sustained provision of business infrastructure.


Scalable to suit.

Designed to comply with capacity requirements, Data Centre Hosting is scaled to fit, while reducing operating costs.


Your technology partner.

We’ll work with you to ensure you receive the best tariff, coverage and technology from the UK’s leading suppliers.


Make your business brilliant.

We bring the newest and most exciting technological innovations to your business, enabling you to be exceptional at what you do.

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