Storage Made Easy.  Easy, intelligent data management.

Data is your companies most valuable asset. It empowers teams, drives decisions and keeps you ahead of your competitors. Storing and accessing your data should be both simple and secure.



The Storage Made Easy (SME) Enterprise File Fabric™ solution hands back data control to your IT department, unifying on-prem and cloud files into a single easily managed infrastructure.

Providing the ideal data management solution for enterprise businesses, SME allows users to consolidate all their data into one single pane of glass view, wherever this data resides, allowing policy-based controls for governance, security, encryption and audit purposes.

Storage Made Easy (SME) Enterprise File Fabric™ solution provides a control point for all corporate data, wherever it is stored.

Gain a greater understanding of how your valuable business data is stored, transferred and accessed all through a unified Cloud File Manager.

Keeping your data safe, secure and accessible wherever you work, whatever your device.

Ready for the future of storage technology?

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SME at a glance:


Cloud File Manager

Providing a unified file manager for all data sources for easy management and control wherever your data resides.


Storage Agnostic

Integrating with all data storage solutions, SME allows your business to work with your preferred storage provider.


Control 'Cloud Data Sprawl'

Regain control of your data by unifying private and public data storage solutions into a single converged infrastructure.


Audit and Compliance

Configure File Fabric to automatically log all file events for audit, security and compliance purpose.


Enhanced Data Security

Inbuilt Encryption, GEO location tracking and restrictions to provide you with enhanced security for your most sensitive data.


Your Technology Partner

We’ll work with you to ensure your Data Management solutions meet your business needs and the ever-changing digital landscape.