A managed Silver Peak SD-WAN service.
Direct from their longest-standing partner in the UK.

Rather than relying on physical hardware and technology, an increasing percentage of critical business applications are being delivered via the Internet. Many legacy network services, such as MPLS and P2P, are not well-suited to this new way of working, leading to poor application performance and end-user experience.

Silver Peak gives businesses the flexibility to securely connect users to applications via the most cost-effective connectivity available. Customers benefit from visibility, control and security over all their internet traffic while improving application and network performance. And it can be deployed, extended, moved or changed both quickly and non-disruptively, as your business demands evolve.

Wavenet is Silver Peak’s longest-standing partner in the UK and can provide your business with the experience and expertise required to migrate your business to SD-WAN.

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Silver Peak at a glance:


Complete peace of mind.

We’ll look after your WAN management and maintenance to keep your applications and data secure, always.


Quality of Experience.

Your business will receive the highest quality of experience with path conditioning, voice and video over the Internet.


Real-time control.

Silver Peak provides real-time monitoring of network and app performance, with automated blackout remediation.



Routing, firewall, segmentation, optimisation and application control is unified into a single, easy-to-use platform.


Continuous Adaptation.

With Silver Peak's AI-driven, self-learning and adaptive orchestration you can be confident your business will be ready for any change or growth.


Responsive connectivity.

Business-driven, application-specific routing conforms to the needs of your business, not vice versa.

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