Your data is a key asset. Can you afford to not manage it properly?

Organisations are creating and storing more data than ever. It helps them to identify market trends and changes in buyer behaviour, create new opportunities and achieve greater operational efficiencies.

With these opportunities come challenges for businesses of all sizes. How do they store, back-up, archive, recover, analyse and manage their data?

Rubrik is a complete data management platform that’s been purpose-built for the Cloud.

It delivers automated back-up, instant recovery, archival replication, compliance, analytics and copy data management capabilities in a single, unified solution.

With a software-defined approach, it delivers the agility and performance of web-scale platforms and Cloud providers while automating workflow management to provide greater resilience and flexibility.

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Rubrik at a glance:


Wavenet’s Rubrik-as-a-Service offering delivers the benefits of Rubrik’s solution without the significant CapEx investment.

Future-proof your business.

We keep an eye on emerging technologies to ensure our Rubrik data solutions keep you in front of your competitors.

Easy to deploy.

Rubrik is vendor-agnostic and can work across most on-premise, data centre and Cloud applications and technologies.

Unified platform.

Rubrik combines automated backup, instant recovery, archival, replication and analytics into single Cloud-based interface.

Your technology partner.

We’ll work with you to ensure your security solutions meet your business needs, both now and in the future.

Enhanced scalability.

Easily expand your data management infrastructure to the Cloud with scalable, on-demand software that grows with your business. 

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