The loss of files, data and critical information. In business, it could be devastating.

But what if you could avoid the worst with a backup system that offers the complete package?

Redstor from Wavenet develops end-to-end remote data back up and recovery software, protecting the files generated and stored on desktops, laptops and servers.

Providing ultimate peace of mind, it allows for the protection, management, and recovery of data in minutes with complete ease.

Whilst backing up data, Redstor from Wavenet also reduces primary storage space, making servers more efficient and your business brilliant.

Ready for the future of technology?

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Redstor at a glance:

Pioneering data management.

Redstor’s centralised control allows total visibility. Stream your data on demand from backups and archives, plus migrate data without downtime.

Simple to operate.

Redstor Pro benefits from an easy to use centralised management console, so choosing which files and folders you want to backup and archive is simple.

Save money.

Freeing up space on your primary storage saves you money, disk space can be reused and downtime saved.

Future-proof your business.

We keep an eye on emerging technologies to ensure our Redstor solutions keep you in front of your competitors.

Your technology partner.

We’ll work with you to ensure solutions meet your business needs, both now and in the future. 

Wavenet support.

Guidance through the implementation process to ensure a seamless introduction and ongoing support.

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