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Traditional phone systems

Business Telephone Systems and business communications have changed over the last five years, keeping pace with changes in how businesses operate.

Challenges such as home working, mobile working, increasing demands for greater efficiency in how customers contact you and how you manage customer engagement have all driven changes in business phone systems.

Wavenet provides market-leading hosted business phone systems, and we believe these are the correct choice for most modern businesses. However, we also recognise that in some circumstances, an on-premise phone system is the right choice, and offer options from all the leading phone system vendors.

Why an On-Premises Phone System?

Wavenet offers hosted phone systems from BroadSoft and BT, who both provide a choice of low capex, easy to deploy, fully featured business telephone solutions – from standard business telephony systems to specific solutions for different business sectors.

We also offer Mitel and Avaya phone systems for businesses who need an on-site solution. The key reason for using an on-site phone system is a lack of good quality Internet connectivity, which is required for any VoIP services. Where this is unavailable, businesses need to use ISDN30e phone lines.

Other reasons for using an on-premise phone system may include a legacy investment in hardware that is still working, or an investment that has been made to integrate a phone system with a CRM package.

This is only a medium-term fix though, as the ISDN/PSTN network is due to be shut down in 2024. New connections will be ceased from 2020, and on-premise phone systems are required to be connected to SIP Trunks from that date.

Wavenet’s approach to choosing the right phone system

Wavenet’s consultative approach is based on getting to know and understand your business and how you communicate with customers, staff, different sites and different systems – and how this will change over the next five to 10 years.

Working through the different options with you allows us to ensure that you deploy the right communications platform, covering telephony, instant messaging, conferencing, webchat and all other forms of internal and external interaction, while retaining the ability to change your approach as your business, customers and the market continue to evolve.