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Great value ISDN and analogue business lines

Wavenet has been managing the installation and support of ISDN and analogue business phone lines for more than 15 years.

Despite advancements in cloud technology during that time, these lines remain an important telephony option, particular in areas with poor Internet connectivity.

Offering a range of line types, back-up options and excellent value call charges, we can equip your office with a reliable and cost effective phone service – and thanks to an excellent relationship with Openreach, we are able to manage your line installations for minimum disruption*.

ISDN Phone Lines From Wavenet

The ISDN/PSTN network is due to be shut down by 2024, but ISDN remains a valid short-term choice for many businesses without access to VOIP solutions.

  • ISDN2e – up to two digital lines on one circuit, supporting multiple DDI numbers
  • ISDN30e – up to 30 digital channels on one circuit, supporting up to 5 separate DDI ranges or Single Number DDIs.
  • A hybrid ISDN and SIP solution can also be right for many customers.

With many additional features such as Site Assurance and Remote Call Forwarding, it is possible to build a resilient ISDN30e solution, which while not having the resilience of SIP Trunking or Hosted voice, will provide you with a reliable telephone service.

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Analogue Phone Lines

Analogue telephone lines have many uses, from Fibre Broadband bearer lines, to lift and alarm lines, as well as normal phone communications.

In most cases used as single lines, there is a multi-line version still widely used by small businesses – and while the move to VoIP and hosted solutions means these multi line deployments are decreasing, it could still be a suitable solution for your office.

Find out what’s right for you by giving us a call on 0121 794 1400.

*Please be aware of the relevant lead times, especially when installing Broadband that also needs an analogue line.