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Hosted Dialler from Wavenet

We have invested heavily in our dialler solution to create a service that is reliable, efficient and cost-effective. Our CallCommander Hosted Dialler has been built from the ground up for us in a hosted environment, totally compliant with Ofcom regulations and capable of improving agent productivity by over 100%.

CallCommander System Overview

Administrators and Supervisors interact through a secure web log-in, and agents use a simple web enabled pc or thin client screen.

Agent scripting, reporting, live wall board information is all available and instantly configurable.

The system can be used by agents in any location, making this system ideal for remote agents and small satellite sites as well as larger call-centre locations. Campaign Management, dialling pace and campaign assignment are then all dictated by the system supervisor(s) not the user.

Benefits of using our Hosted Dialler

  • Resilience and availability
  • Cost-effective set-up
  • Super-fast deployment
  • No capital outlay
  • Highly secure and reliable

What do our customers think?

“The switch to Wavenet has delivered real benefits that has allowed us to concentrate on improving the telephony service we offer our users, rather than just keeping it going as we were before they came on the scene.” – IT Manager, Roxel Group.