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Why choose an EoFTTC circuit…

Delivered over a single copper pair using fibre broadband technology, EoFTTC is an affordable, quick-to-deploy solution for businesses seeking Leased Line reliability at a lower price.

A dedicated and uncontended service, EoFTTC offers upstream and downstream speeds of up to 20Mbps, and is backed by many of the same SLA guarantees as a Fibre Ethernet Leased Line.

With wide availability and a cost-effective price point, it’s the ideal solution for smaller businesses, branch offices and remote locations who need a stable, private connection without the expense.

Benefits of Ethernet over FTTC

  • A dedicated Ethernet service, delivered via FTTC/Fibre Broadband technology
  • Can be deployed in as little as two weeks
  • SLAs on packet loss, jitter and delay
  • Up to 20Mbps symmetric, uncontended service
  • Accessible to smaller businesses, branch offices and remote locations

EoFTTC Leased Lines from Wavenet

Partnered with multiple providers, Wavenet can find the right leased line connection for your business, and have things up and running within just two weeks.

We’ll then continue to support your leased line 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with guaranteed fix times of just six hours.

Call for bespoke pricing

To guarantee that you always receive the best-value package we can offer, all our pricing is personally tailored to suit your individual business. Give our team a call or complete the enquiry form below to find out how little you could be paying each month for Wavenet EFM Leased Lines.