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Why choose an EFM circuit…

Matching Fibre Ethernet SLAs for Packet Loss, Latency and Delay, EFM Leased Lines offer exceptional reliability and up-time – at a lower price point and with faster installation.

Delivered via copper pairs rather than fibre, EFM Leased Lines have the added benefit of being widely available throughout the country, bringing the benefits of private, uncontended connectivity to more businesses across the UK.

You can still expect super-fast speeds from an EFM line too – with upload and download speeds reaching up to 35Mbps.

Benefits of EFM Leased Lines

  • Two to eight copper pair options for increased resilience
  • Speeds of up to 35Mbps
  • A completely uncontended, dedicated Leased Line service
  • 6 hour fix time
  • Market-leading SLA’s covering Packet Loss, Delay and Latency
  • Access for smaller sites for MPLS networks
  • Two to five-week lead time

EFM Leased Lines from Wavenet

Partnered with multiple EFM providers, Wavenet can find the right leased line connection for your business, and have things up and running within five weeks.

We’ll then continue to support your leased line 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with guaranteed fix times of just six hours.

Call for bespoke pricing

To guarantee that you always receive the best-value package we can offer, all our pricing is personally tailored to suit your individual business. Give our team a call or complete the enquiry form below to find out how little you could be paying each month for Wavenet EFM Leased Lines.