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Why a Managed Router?

While some businesses wish to take a ‘wires-only’ service and manage and configure their own router, most organisations prefer the assurances of a fully managed service, with Wavenet supplying a managed router for the duration of the contract.

The advantages of a managed service include full support and diagnostics covering your connectivity and the router, backed up by the assurance that if there is a fault on the router this will be resolved as part of the service, with defined SLAs.

A managed router also allows our engineers to troubleshoot any issues immediately, rather than liaising with you or a third party to resolve any issues.

A range of router options

All Wavenet Business Internet services come with the option of a managed router, whether this is a simple home worker Fibre Broadband service or a 10Mb Managed Leased Line service.

For Broadband services we recommend Zyxel routers – either the AMG or VMG series routers – or Draytek routers. Each offer full WiFi connectivity and are business grade DSL routers. Faulty routers are dealt with on a Next Business Day Replacement service for router faults diagnosed by 3.00pm

For Ethernet Leased Lines we offer a range of routers, with different SLAs:

Cisco ISR routers – with 24 x 7 4 hour response using Cisco’s market leading SWSS service – in the rare event of a fault a replacement router will be delivered to site within four hours, 24 x 7.

Ubiquiti Edge Pro routers – with Next Business Day replacement for router faults diagnosed by 3.00pm.

Draytek managed Ethernet routers – with Next Business Day replacement for router faults diagnosed by 3.00pm.

All routers are business grade routers with outstanding reliability and up time.

Your Order Journey

When placing an order for Business Internet connectivity with Wavenet, we realise that access to the Internet is critical to your business – so we ensure that the order process is project managed by our technical and customer service teams to make sure the service is delivered as soon as possible.

Once you sign an order, it passes through the accounts process, order acceptance by Wavenet and then to our provisioning team. Provisioning place the order with the supplier chosen, and if a back-up circuit is also being ordered we ensure diverse routing so the circuits connect to different Wavenet data centres and different end user access suppliers if possible. This ensures the greatest level of resilience possible, with far greater resilience than can be obtained from a tier 1 supplier.

Managing our key suppliers – BT Wholesale, TalkTalk Business, Vodafone, Virgin and Colt, is a key part of our role – ensuring that Openreach or the network operator deliver the service in the fastest possible time. Sometimes delays happen, and our work with Openreach ensures that we know as soon as possible, and will discuss with you what alternatives or temporary arrangements can be made. Please bear in mind that standard lead times for all services are not guaranteed – the earlier you can place your order the better chance we have of getting service installed on time.

Finally, when we have a go-live date from the network, we will configure the managed router and deliver to the contact and site on the order for you to connect the circuit. We will communicate the date that the engineer is coming to site and request that you meet them there. These appointment dates will either be am, pm or all day (08.00 – 13.00 or 13.00 – 17.00) and it is essential that someone is on site who knows where the circuit needs to be installed, and the layout of the premises.

Please note that it is your responsibility to connect the router to the Network Termination Equipment installed by Openreach or the circuit provider. Billing will start from the go-live date, which is the point that we also start to be charged for the service, regardless of whether you are using the circuit.