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Wavenet is working in partnership with Westminster City Council in helping local businesses install Ultrafast Internet Connections.

Through the Connect Westminster Scheme, local businesses looking for a faster, more reliable Internet connection can now apply for a grant of up to £2,000 towards an Ultrafast Ethernet Circuit.

Having a fast, dedicated and reliable Internet connection is vital for growing businesses that require an enhanced user experience for Cloud Services.

Apply now to claim your £2,000 Connect Westminster Voucher!

Westminster City Council has recently secured funding to deliver an ERDF project that aims to connect SMEs within Westminster and the West End Partnership area to gigabit capable connections.

Your business could get up to £2,000 towards faster and better Internet, through the Connect Westminster Scheme.

The government sees the provision of future-proof connectivity as essential to help businesses grow and succeed in today’s demanding environment.

As a registered supplier, Wavenet can take full advantage of this limited time only scheme to help our customers install their new Business-grade Superfast Internet Connection.


The Connect Westminster Scheme is only available until March 2018.

Benefits for SME Businesses

  • Grow and access new markets through better communication with customers and suppliers
  • Increase security through fast, secure back-up of data and Wavenet’s DDoS Protection
  • Increase your productivity, whilst attracting and retaining the best staff
  • Improve customer service by sending or uploading large files quickly and reliably
  • Increase you bottom line by improving your customer satisfaction ratings
  • Future-proof your business so you are ready for the challenges of modern business

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