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Why choose ADSL Broadband…

While the speed and performance of Fibre Broadband makes it the undisputed choice of connection for most offices, ADSL offers even wider availability and a lower price point.

It’s an ideal solution then for low-use circuits such as back-ups or EPOS systems, or as a primary circuit for businesses unable to access the benefits of Fibre.

Benefits of ADSL Broadband:

  • Traditional Business Broadband service
  • Up to 24Mbps downstream and 2Mbps upstream
  • Ideal for specific low-use circuits
  • Virtually nationwide coverage, accessible to businesses in non-fibre areas

ADSL Broadband from Wavenet

Residential traffic makes up a large percentage of the UK’s total internet traffic, and often becomes a priority for providers that service both business and residential traffic. Wavenet only supplies broadband to businesses, so your connection is our first (and only priority).


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