Inclusive Calls Policy

1. Inclusive calls offer is applied to new SIP Trunking/Hosted Voice/Teamslink endpoints and relates to calls to UK Geographic and Standard UK Mobile destinations (EE, T-Mobile, Orange, Three, 02 and Vodafone) only.

2. Other Destinations are subject to the standard call rates associated with the account.

3. Maximum of 5,000 Minutes Per Calendar Month Per Endpoint

4. Inclusive calls are subject to a Fair Usage Policy based on standard user call profile

  • Maximum of 10% Minutes to 03 Destination
  • Maximum of 40% Minutes to UK Mobile Destinations

5. Wavenet monitors usage and any qualifying end-point must not exceed 5000 minutes per channel per month – the Fair Usage Limit.

6. Where usage is deemed illegitimate or excessive in terms of standard use or not in line with the Fair Usage Policy Wavenet reserves the right to;

  • disconnect any end-point.
  • charge a per minute price for the total volume of calls generated from that endpoint according to the standard, or existing IP rate card associated with the account.
  • increase the recurring charges associated with end-points

7. The offer doesn’t apply to existing end-points or any end-point (IP address) that has been previously provisioned via Wavenet.

8. Wavenet reserve the right to monitor usage levels in regards the cease and re-provision of endpoints, with misuse subject to the removal of the offer.

9. Only end-points connected to a dedicated business PBX, WHV Hosted platform or Teamslink qualify for this offer.

10. Diallers are not permitted to be connected to the system.