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The Wavenet Cloud Virtual Data centre (VDC) Services platform is based on VMware’s industry leading vSphere and vCloud Director technologies, providing companies with a familiar and trusted environment with common management, performance, automation, and a robust and proven security model.

Our VDC Services are architected on enterprise class servers, storage, switching, and tier 1 low-latency connectivity, all housed within fully redundant ISO certified data centres with audited procedural and security protocols designed to maximise uptime and discourage physical and virtual threats.

Key Features:

  • Elastic Compute Capacity
    Wavenet VDC services are distributed in data centres throughout the UK, offering scalable access to extensive “Elastic” computing resources for the most demanding Windows and Linux based applications. Allocate resources for temporary test or development environments, store data offsite, or extend your internal or public facing systems into the Wavenet Cloud
  • Control The Cloud
    Our Wavenet VDC Cloud portal gives you full access to your virtual data centre resources, wherever and whenever you need them. Increase business agility by deploying preconfigured virtual machines from catalogue based templates, or use the open virtualisation format (OVF) to upload your existing virtual infrastructure
  • Secure Cloud
    Maintain security and control over your virtual data centre with policy-based user controls and virtual firewall technology. Wavenet Cloud Services allow customers to connect securely with VPNs, set up users, grant varying degrees of access permissions, and record log data
  • Intelli-Storage
    Our high performance storage is intelligent – presented as a single storage tier, but on the back-end consisting of high performance multi-storage tiers. It continuously monitors and dynamically moves workloads among different storage tiers, ensuring that your applications perform optimally when the resources are needed