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Wavenet’s cloud hosting platform is powered by market-leading VMware technologies to deliver a hosted software-defined data centre, superior to traditional hosted services.

Our flexible service means that you can start simple with Wavenet Cloud Hosting. Just use as much of our cloud-based servers as you need, and then expand the service as your business grows, entirely on demand. Equally, if you’d like to scale back the service, virtualisation means that you can use less, too, paying for just what you use.

Virtual servers can be provisioned for your business to utilise however you see fit, from email and exchange servers, to an application server utilising the latest Citrix technologies. Robust yet flexible, Wavenet will create bespoke solutions to meet your needs. We can set up the service to work with multiple operating systems, based on your needs and existing software.

Wavenet also offers Cloud Server Management service, which allows us to provide full management and maintenance of your cloud deployment.

Key Features:

  • Offsite Servers
    Remove the worry from having to keep and maintain essential equipment and IT technicians on your own premises, whilst in a secure environment
  • Maximum Uptime
    Cutting-edge data and systems protection and rapid failure recovery processes are employed to keep your business profitable
  • Growth Management
    Simply request additional resources or software as and when you need it
  • Virtual Cloud-based Servers
    Grow and shrink your service as your business requires
  • Secure Backup
    All your data is backed up and kept completely secure, using nightly images and realtime Continuous Data Protection (CDP)
  • Simple Installation
    Your server can be ready to use on demand
  • Management Service
    Wavenet can take all responsibility for the server management and maintenance

Cloud Server Hosting