The Opportunity

Clarity, a UK based business travel agency, had purchased and were in the process of integrating with another travel agency, Portman Travel.

Clarity already had in place a cloud-based platform, but it wasn’t delivering the advanced routing features, management information and reporting they required. Portman were using an on-premise solution using basic ACD routing to deliver calls to teams of customer service agents.

As part of the merger, the combined teams needed to provide the new organisation with a single, resilient Cloud Unified Communications and Contact Centre solution for their 700 employees over 20 business site locations in the UK and Europe.

The Process

Sales Cycle

The total sales cycle lasted around 6 months but the initial response to the project took less than 3 days to complete following receipt of a ‘customer requirements’ form; this was in place of a more traditional tender form due to the fact Wavenet wanted to ensure a bespoke and carefully considered solution was provided.


To win the business, Wavenet engaged with Clarity on multiple occasions across various departments to establish quick wins, long term goals, their exact requirements and a detailed scope of work before setting up three bespoke demonstrations of the technology for the customer on their premises.

These demonstrations served the purpose of showing the various nuances and business benefits of the technology whilst allowing Clarity to ask any questions- ensuring this was the right solution for their needs; that business transformation would be achieved along with vastly improved end customer experience.


Annually Wavenet run an event, ‘Club Solar’, which is an opportunity to meet with customers in an informal setting, giving them the chance to engage with the team and share in the Wavenet culture. This, Wavenet have found, is integral in fostering strong relationships. In 2017 the event was held at the Mere Golf and Country Club in Cheshire and key members from the clarity team joined Wavenet, which helped build the foundations for a strong working relationship moving forward

The Win

Of course, Wavenet are able to show customers and prospects solutions but having references from other customers definitely is reassurance that Wavenet can deliver what they promise – who better to champion Wavenet then happy customers. Through engagement from three customers who were happy to detail the impact Wavenet has had on their business, Wavenet were able to provide a holistic picture of who they are and what they do.

Another key reason for the success stemmed from the fact that Clarity had recently merged with Portman Travel, a customer that had been with Wavenet for a number of years and were a big advocate of Wavenet’s technology and service. Having fostered strong relationships with members of their key decision making team, including their CEO, CFO, Contact Centre Leaders and project managers, Wavenet already had ‘buy in’ to the Wavenet vision and product set who were able to support Clarity internally and offer them advice when making their decision.

Given that the contact centre is the lifeblood of their business having people who were able to offer impartial advice internally played a major role in growing the business.

The Result

The deal value was worth in excess of £1.1m to Wavenet, however the key win for Wavenet is the milestone it puts on their development as a company.

As Wavenet now enters its 30th year as a business, they have followed the market and transitioned from a traditional PBX reseller into a Cloud Unified Communications specialist. Being able to successfully deliver a large, bespoke, cloud solution across multiple locations in the UK and Europe is a great achievement for the business, showing a willingness to change and adapt to suit the needs of their customers.

It has been a key win for the year of course, but more importantly for the company’s development.

Winning this business has been great for staff morale as it was a large deal, that had engagement from all facets of the business.

This was a real win for the company as it brought everyone together under a single cause to deliver a bespoke and powerful solution that meets the customer’s needs – something Wavenet strive to do in every project they undertake.

It also helped fortify the relationship with Mitel which gave the team confidence that they would receive the support needed in future endeavours, getting engagement at all levels to secure key business.