NEC’s SV9100 cures ‘Manic Monday’ call traffic and provides a healthy return-on-investment for the busy medical centre

“The move to SIP technology has saved us well over 50%.”

Stephen Leather – Manager of The Appletree Medical Practice, UK



As with almost every medical practice, Monday mornings were manic with a rush of phone calls and a stream of patients trying to get through.

Another challenge medical centres face is the importance of business continuity. It was essential the implementation of a new call system within a General Practice environment could continue without interruption.


The introduction of a local telephone number and a new and effective queuing system was the answer they were searching for.

The Queuing system of the MyCalls Application Suite allows patients to manage their time more effectively. They are told exactly where they are in the queue, which means they can make a judgement whether to stay on the line or call back later.

“We’ve identified from the MyCalls data what our peak call periods are throughout the week – this enables us to staff them accordingly.”


The NEC MyCalls Call Management system provides the surgery with concise reports on all of their telephone calls, covering everything from call duration to highlighting their busiest times.

The reports are emailed to key staff for review and they can also run their own reports on demand.

“The move to SIP has made significant savings in terms of line rentals and call charges we’ve gone from £400 per month to £170 per month saving well over 50%. In fact that saving has been so significant it has covered the cost of the switch to SIP technology.”


Based in Derbyshire, UK, Appletree Medical Practice is commissioned by the NHS to provide primary healthcare for Duffield, Little Eaton and the surrounding villages.

Appletree Medical Practice aims to treat all patients promptly, courteously and in complete confidence, in a safe, comfortable environment.