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We directly connect to multiple wholesale carrier networks, giving us access to a vast array of connectivity services and technologies, not to mention true geographical coverage.

No wholesale carrier is good at absolutely everything and because we directly connect to all of the major carriers, we have the flexibility to 'cherry pick' only the best connectivity services and technologies.

Wavenet Core

Wavenet's Core Network is a carrier-grade, fully resilient infrastructure. Our core is a fully redundant Cisco Network with presence in multiple Datacentres across the UK.

Wavenet Network Map

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Carrier Interconnects

We interconnect our core network with multiple carrier networks at Layer 2, creating a single logical footprint. Our core network handles all of the routing and additional services, meaning our customers can deploy connections from multiple carriers for extra resilience and unrivalled reach.

We partner with every major carrier in the UK as well as leading global carriers to create a network which not only boasts unbeatable coverage in the UK, but also provides access to connectivity across Europe and the rest of the world.

Our Core Network also directly connects with our own Hosted VoIP Platform, which means we can offer reliable and incredibly feature rich VoIP solutions.

The Integrated Network

Because we take connectivity (tails) at Layer 2 from our carrier partners, we add our own bespoke services, innovative technologies and value-add services using our core infrastructure. This enables us to offer our customers and partners:


Our AS Number is: 21267
Our Peering Policy is: OPEN
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