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Lines & Calls

Outbound calls are typically seen as a considerable cost for some businesses. Keeping in touch with clients, prospective customers, providers and remote employees is naturally important. Many businesses, however, discover themselves boxed into call bundles that are costly, fixed and lacking in support, we do business lines, calls, fixed line and 08 numbers differently, in a way that benefits our clients and helps them improve their business.

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Fax to Email

Wavenet 'Fax to Email' is a very simple application that replaces a receiving fax machine, converts the documents to PDF format and delivers them to your e‐mail Inbox. What makes our Fax to Email service that extra special is that all calls are managed from within our network, ensuring that no additional hardware or software is required. It's an easy and confidential way of sending, receiving, filing and distributing fax documents.

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Email to Fax

Send faxes as easily as you send emails. Email to Fax enables you to send a document by email which is then delivered to a fax machine. The emailed document can be sent to any fax machine by simply using the fax number in the email address. The service uses your normal email-application, no special software is needed. The fax we send is the document attached to your email.

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Non Geographic Numbers

Wavenet's inbound number platform offers all businesses a wealth of flexible features that will help you improve the way you receive & handle calls. Whether you are looking to deploy national numbers for support services, or 'Free phone' numbers for marketing & sales campaigns, we can provide a wide range of network services including call recording, voice mail and full call centre functionality.

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PC 2 Text

PC2 text is a web-based portal that enables SMS text messaging via the internet from any PC to any mobile or number of mobiles, quickly and easily.

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Network IVR

At Wavenet, we pride ourselves on our wide offering of Network Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solutions including; Auto Attendant, Data Capture, Booking Systems and Call Queuing.

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Network Call Recording

Wavenet Network Call Recording allows you to record both incoming and outgoing calls with ease, and as the system is network-based you have reduced costs as there are no hardware costs to your business. Recording calls made by your staff can assist with training, monitoring and to help ensure that your corporate message, ethos and values are delivered consistently and professionally.

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