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Superfast Business Broadband

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Superfast Business Broadband at a competitive price.

Our Business Broadband is everything a business needs it to be, with a wide range of options and features it can be tailored to perfectly fit your business needs. We offer some of the fastest business broadband in the country to our customers. The next generation FTTC and FTTP have speeds up to 80Mbps and 110Mbps respectively, with no traffic shaping or network throttling.

What are the benefits of Business Broadband?

Wavenet only supply broadband to businesses, as residential traffic makes up a large percentage of the UK's total internet traffic it often becomes a priority for other providers that service both business and residential traffic. With Wavenet, Business Broadband is our only and number one priority and we are dedicated to providing businesses with fast and reliable broadband connections.


High SpeedUp to 40Mbps Speeds Managed WirelessManaged Wireless Router
  We will use our broadband speed checker to estimate the speeds you will recieve.     We can provide a pre-configured wireless-n router with 4 Ethernet ports at a competitive price.
UK HelpdeskUK Based Customer Service Useage AllowancesMultiple usage allowance packages to choose from
  24/7 Support available from our team of dedicated professionals.     From 1Gb to Unlimited, we have allowance packages available to suit your business needs.
Static IPStatic IP Addresses available Line RentalLine Rental
  You can have a single static or multiple IP addresses on your connection.     We have packages that include business line rental with extra care levels available.
QOSQuality of Service Options MPLSMPLS Option
  We can put priorities on your broadband connection so you can truly converge your business.     If you need a wide area network but want to keep control of your costs we can MPLS enable your business broadband connections.

Business Broadband

Why get your Business Broadband with Wavenet?

As with every other service we provide, we strive to deliver business broadband with a difference. Broadband that is superfast, reliable and coupled with our dedicated support and quality of service options. We can make a positive change to your business and help it to grow and reach its potential.

How do I order?

Simply contact the Wavenet sales team to place your business broadband order directly. The entire process is then managed by Wavenet on your behalf. An engineer will visit your premises to install a high speed modem and enable the connection when active.

Migrating your Business Broadband from another provider?

If you are not an existing Wavenet customer and you wish to take advantage of our Superfast Business Broadband service, migration is a simple process. The entire process is handled transparently by our technical team for you. Simply order your Superfast Broadband package from our sales team and provide a MAC code that can be obtained from your existing provider. The transfer and line upgrade will take place without any further action necessary on your part.

Wondering why there's no pricing?

That’s because we only offer bespoke pricing and don't have any default pricing. All of our packages are personally tailored to suit every individual business, this helps guarantee that you always receive the best priced packages and deals that we can offer. We even work with you to further adapt our services to better match your business requirements. Now that's Business Broadband with a difference.

For more on our Business Broadband services, or help on setting up your connection with us, please call us on 08444 127 777