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VoIP Telephony

VoIP Telephony is a great way to improve call quality and reduce call costs within your business. This page will explain what VoIP is, run you through the business benefits of investing in hosted telephony, inform you of the business features that it brings and the benefits from choosing Wavenet as your business VoIP provider.

What is VoIP?

Simply put, VoIP telephony is phone service over your internet connection. This has multiple benefits including reduced costs and higher call quality. Your business costs are lower as you won’t be paying for a separate service from a local telephony company and as the service is transmitted over high-speed internet, calls with VoIP telephony will be clearer with far less audio loss.

What are the benefits of using VoIP Telephony?

• Save money
• Easy to set up
• More than just voice
• Conference calls

• Multiple features
• No geographical boundary
• Increased productivity
• Low-cost hardware and software

There are multiple benefits to using VoIP telephony within your business. The first and often the main reason for switching to VoIP is for the money saving benefits, unlike Public Switched Telephone Networks (PSTN), long distance calls become far more inexpensive on a VoIP line as the call is transferred over the internet and not through traditional phone lines. VoIP telephony also has feature-based benefits like conference calling within your business and the ability to make video calls and transfer files and images while on calls.

VoIP is also simple to set up and therefore makes upgrading a fast and efficient process, it can even be integrated with an existing phone connection. All of these benefits of using hosted voice add up to make your business a more productive and successful place. At Wavenet we strive to provide VoIP Telephony that is innovative and simple-to-use for business of all sizes, we work with you through every step to ensure you are happy with your service. 

Hosted VOIP Telephony Diagram

Why get your business's VoIP telephony service with us?

Our Hosted Voice over IP service is a state-of-the-art, flexible and user-friendly business telephony solution. Built to benefit your business with a complete VoIP service, from standard to advanced hosted VoIP telephony systems that feature a true IP communication solution with a lower cost of ownership, through centralised web management with available options such as true mobility and computer integration.

Wavenet’s Hosted Telephony features are extensive, affordable and reliable.
We work hard to provide multiple VoIP services including; Call Logging, Call Recording, True Multi-site support and making sure the setup of your VoIP service is simple
For more information or advice on our hosted telephony options please contact us.


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Hosted Voice Group FeaturesHosted License Group Features VoIP Add-onsHosted License Group Add-ons

Handset Options

  • • Polycom
  • • Cisco
  • • Panasonic
  • • Gigaset
  • • MobileOffice Softphone


Feature Highlights

  • Enterprise Voice
  • Business class hosted telephony functionality at the touch of a button
    • Mobile Office
      • Take & make calls on your smart-phone, windows or Mac
      • Call Director
        • Gives you the ability to move a call from your desk phone to your mobile seamlessly, and then back again!
        • Call Logging
          • Company-wide call records, comparison and analytical tools for tracking and improving the efficiency of your business
          • Call Recording (FSA/PCI Compliant)
          • Benefit from secure cloud based call recording, intelligent statistics and real-time monitoring, only possible with hosted voice
          • Click to Dial Toolbar
          • Integrates with MS Outlook enabling click to dial of contacts and caller notification
          • Call Centre (with wall-board)
          • Allows full call centre functionality with a wall-board all web-based so is accessible anywhere, another benefit of hosted VoIP telephony
          • CRM Integration
          • Supports all the major CRM packages enabling screen pop-up and call logging
          • Disaster Recovery Options
          • Pre-configure options in advance to help your business continuity plans, hosted telephony keeps your business going when disaster strikes
          • Reception Console
          • This is an attendant console application for telephone attendants and receptionists who screen and manage incoming calls
          • True Multi-site support
          • Extension dialling regardless of location and centralised management allows you to not only deploy and manage your telephony solution easily but at low cost too
          • Number Portability
          • You can move your existing numbers that are currently on traditional lines onto the VoIP exchange


What do our customer's think?

“We had to relocate our office due to redevelopment and the most important thing to our company was keeping the phone numbers we had used for the last 15 years intact, ensuring we never missed a client.

Thanks to Wavenet we have now upgraded our telephone system to hosted voice, provided each employee with a tailored experience and call handling package, and saved on average about 15% off our monthly bills." – Chief Marketing Officer, Crowd for Angels (UK) Limited.


Wavenet will work with you through every step of the installation process, from providing network, telephony and VoIP assessments and full site qualifications and deployment.

We are a reliable and capable Hosted Telephony provider based in the UK, if you need any more information or advice on how to choose the right VoIP Telephony & VoIP services for business, please call us on 08444 127 777 and one of our friendly team members can answer any questions you have on hosted voice services.